Top 7 Benefits Of Google My Business

Top 7 Benefits Of Google My Business

Any organization today needs targeted visibility on Google. We all know that this requires optimizing their website for rankings, but do you know that there is another thing that needs optimizing? Your Google business listing.

This cost-effective, easy-to-use, and powerful listing tool makes it easy for people to find you both online and in real life. Read further to know more about the Benefits Of Google My Business.

What is a Google my business listing?

Google my business is an online marketing tool that allows you to manage how your business is displayed on search and Maps. It is a listing on Google that shows details about your business like Name, Contact details, Directions, Website link, and hours of operation.

GMB is a crucial Local SEO strategy as it makes it easier for potential customers to find information about your business and also allows your existing customers to give feedback about your services. This is the reason why it is important to optimize your GMB listing and provide accurate information.

How does it work and Why do I need a Google business listing??

The first step of the Google My Business listing is to create a page or claim one if you are already listed and then verify it. Provide complete information about your business and optimize it. When someone searches for services, local listings dominate the results thus making your GMB listings more visible. One of the benefits of posting on google my business is your potential customers can use the information provided by you to interact with you or visit you.

Top 7 Benefits Of Google My Business

Google my Business helps you stand out from your competitors and attract more clients. It also helps you to locate your customers and know their preferences.

1. Rank higher in Results

With Google my Business, your business has a better shot at ranking higher in search results and Maps. Recent studies show that 76% of “near me” searchers visit the related business on the same day!!! To consistently get ranked at the top, quality and accurate information will do, along with the reviews from your existing customers which can do wonders. In a way, google my business features are the most effortless means to boost your sales. Even if you already have a web presence, GMB ensures that you are ranked at the top of the list.

2. Create good first impressions

Your Google my business listing is the face of your business. Creating a detailed Google My Business listing utilizing photo and video upload features gives your customers an idea of what services your business can offer them. An effective Google my Business description portrays your business efficiently, So always include keywords, write specific, unique attributes that make you stand out, and help you show your value.
It also makes your businesses look credible and we all know that trust is the main factor that helps your customers make purchase decisions. 38% of people who see your GMB listings are likely to visit your store out of which 29% may make a purchase.

3. Provides you Insights and Perspective

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Google My Business gives you expert insights about your business listing, giving you valuable knowledge about what’s working and what’s not. These GMB insights go beyond Google Analytics. You can track how many customers search for you, call you and ask for directions. Knowing what keywords, photos, and actions are popular can help you enhance your website profile.
GMB Insights focus on how customers find your listing on Google Search and Maps. With rich insights, review, and customer interaction features. Google My Business allows you to gain perspective on your business’s online reputation and knowing how audiences perceive you can help you improve and grow.

4. Drives Traffic to your digital marketing Platforms

What do searchers do after looking at your Google My Business listing? Most people who view your GMB will visit your website or social media. It is a known fact that Local search engine results give more ROI than other digital marketing channels, Also it delivers higher quality leads and more conversions.

It’s been found that 56% of the GMB views result in creating traffic to your website, 24% of them will interact with you and more than 15% of them will visit your store. With GMB, you are building a strong Local SEO strategy to draw more customers.

5. More Engagement with Customers

You don’t just want to be discoverable to your customers, You also want to connect with them. Google My Business provides numerous opportunities for customer interaction like posts, messaging, and Q&A. Another interesting way to attract customers is Reviews, 91% of the potential customers rely on online reviews to make purchase decisions. Also, you can improve your brand reputation by responding to negative feedback to customers and ultimately increase value to your services. GMB enables you to build positive relationships with your customers.

Not only that, GMB listings provide you an opportunity to engage with your potential audience through posts and messaging thus giving you a chance to understand their requirements even before they visit your store.

6. Website Builder tool

Top 7 Benefits Of Google My Business

The lesser-known advantage of having your business listed on Google my Business is to be able to create a customizable, free, Mobile friendly website with their easy-to-use website builder tool. Launching your own website doesn’t have to be complicated now, With Google my Business, You can create a professional website, develop and publish content that your potential customers can easily access to connect with you. An added advantage – you can develop your website with a custom domain and integrate it with Google Adwords for effortless advertising.

7. The best part – It’s free!!!

Everything has its price, except to get listed on Google my business. You don’t have to spend your hard-earned money over GMB as you do for other Digital marketing platforms, GMB is a fairly easy-to-use tool that can create a huge difference in your revenue. It helps you start promoting your business easily with a simple sign-up process.
Google my Business listing is a free platform for a beginner-friendly way to upgrade your business. Just like your other digital marketing platforms, focus on providing more useful information to your customers and potential clients to make the best out of this free tool.

Bonus – Tips to optimize your Google my Business listing for better results.

Now that you know that optimizing your Google My Business listing is the key to getting found in local search results, standing out among your competitors, and winning customers’ trust, We will tell you how to do just that. Below are 10 ways you can turn your Google Business Profile into an effective marketing and lead generation tool for your business. In addition to the 7 Benefits Of Google My Business here are some more tips which will help you rank better.

  • Make sure your information is accurate and Up-to-date.
  • Post consistently about your business.
  • Engage through Q&A for Frequently asked questions.
  • Ask your customers to review your services and respond to them.
  • Interact with your customers through messages.
  • Track target customers through insights.
  • Add products and services provided by you.
  • Provide a link to your website and other social media accounts.
  • Add photos and videos of your store.
  • Write a remarkable Business description that best represents you.

A recent study found that customers are twice as likely to trust businesses with Google my Business listings. To know more about Google my Business and to get listed, Contact Morkiz Digital Solutions.